With the holidays right around the corner and holiday shopping craze at its best does anyone really stop and think what do moms want? Being a mom of three small children here is my list of what I want and I am sure every mom on the planet. 1. Happy children. Let me elaborate. One day of my children not to complain. Sounds simple but is it achievable? Not in my house. We start the day with complaints of someone waking someone. Someone taking their ipad. Followed by a seat being taken. A paw patrol on instead of Dora. And all these "unhappiness's" are just with the first 15 minutes of the morning rush. So the answer is No. Its not that simple.

2. Clean children. Another easy request, but why can't it be accomplished. If one day all my children did not go through 3 outfit changes I would call it a success. Seeing how with every meal, snack, playtime activity we are changing outfits. I would take one day of my children not looking like they just finished working at an oil factory or digging in garbage cans.

3. Quite children. Sounds like an oxymoron and well it is. I am not asking for an entire day, just an hour or two. Without whining, crying, fighting, burping, screaming or yelling.

4. Fast children. Now this is not referring who can run the fastest to get a peice of chocolate. In fact, this is referring to getting dressed, putting on shoes, getting in the car, getting out of the car and all those tasks that we want them to do. Because lets face it if we are talking about their needs well you cant get those met fast enough.

5. Smart children. Everyone wants smart kids, successful, driven, responsible kids. But lets face it it starts with us and what we teach our children and how we present it. That is why BuyGiftSave.com was created. It is a great way to teach your kids that gifts are not just a physical item one plays with. But gifts are thinking about the future and important it is to save. A few years back my husband purchased 3 piggie banks for the kids. The piggie banks all have 4 sections. Save, Invest, Buy, Donate. I laughed at first because what would a 4, 2 and 1 year old do with those when they cant wipe their own butts. But sure enough fast forward and now my two older boys know exactly what each slot represents, and when they receive coins or dollars they put it in and at the end of the month we take a trip to the bank where we put some into the bank for saving and we buy a small toy as a reward. It starts today with you. If you start them at a young age it registers with them and stays and becomes a part of their every day life. These are the things I want this season the list can continue but while I am writing this I am actually missing out on enjoying the messes, the craziness, the hugs, the kisses. Lets face it I love and would not have it any other way. A few weeks back my sister took the older two for a sleepover and my house felt empty and freakishly quite. So while venting feels good, having the chaos feels better! If you create an account with BuyGiftSave.com today you can accomplish one of these items on this list and feel well a little more accomplished this Holiday Season! Happy Holidays and Happy Saving!